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Police: Teens Who Tied Shot Dog To Railroad Tracks Purchased Her For Fighting

Police in Florida arrested more suspects in the case involving a dog found tied to railroad tracks with multiple gunshot wounds, and now, an investigation has determined the dog was purchased by a group of teens for fighting.

Earlier this month, police saved a dog tied to a set of active railroad tracks that had already been shot several times. Police found the dog, who they later named Cabela, after responding to a call for shots fired, and thankfully, the animal survived, WFLA reports.

Now, amidst an investigation into the incident, police have learned that a group of teens who committed the heinous act had purchased the dog for fighting and had decided to kill her when she refused to fight. Mad World News reports that police learned of these details after arresting 17-year-old Natwan Calloway and 17-year-old Bobby Hollinger on Thursday. Later that same day, police tracked down 18-year-old Darnell Delvin and 21-year-old Kevin Bell, who were also involved in the disturbing act of abuse.

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Reports say that Hollinger threw Cabela in the woods and began shooting at her before the dog ran back to her home. The group followed her back to the house, found her on the front porch shivering in fear, and proceeded to tie her to railroad tracks, shoot her again, and leave her for dead.

After a search at the home of Delvin and Bell, where Cabela had lived before being sold to Calloway and Hollinger, police found two other dogs with injuries consistent with dog fighting.

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All four suspects are now facing a multitude of charges for the crime.

Sources: Mad World News, WFLA / Photo Source: Mad World News


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