Husband Encourages Wife To Beat Woman In Front Of Kids (Video)

Police in New York are searching for a woman who was caught on video administering a savage beating — in front of her own children — to another woman in a Long Island parking lot. 

WNYW News reports the fight erupted after a verbal altercation over a parking space at the Green Acres Mall on Long Island on Sunday afternoon.

A cellphone video of the fight (shown below) has been posted to various social media sites and shared by the Nassau County Police Department in an effort to track down the attacker, seen wearing an orange tank top in the video.

The video opens at a distance from the fight and quickly closes in as the woman in the orange top throws a woman, wearing a gray dress, to the ground and climbs on top of her. 

“My wife is gonna beat her a**,” a man, holding a baby, can be heard saying as he pushes away bystanders who are trying to break up the fight. 

By that time in the video the woman is sitting on top of the woman in the dress, holding the victim’s head between her legs, delivering blow after blow to her face. 

“Bust her face wide the f*** open for running her mouth,” the man can be heard saying. 

Another child, a boy, can be seen pleading with his mom to stop hitting the woman, but the woman in the orange top ignores him. 

The women eventually struggle to their feet and the woman in the orange top, holding on to the other woman’s hair, continues punching her in the face. 

Police told WPIX that the 49-year-old victim — the woman in the dress, who was not named — had tried to park her car in a space by the mall but a man was standing in it as if to hold it for someone else. She chose to park elsewhere but later exchanged with words with the man and his wife and the confrontation came to blows. 

Although police have not questioned the woman in the orange top, she has spoken by phone to WPIX and said that she was actually the victim in the fight and that the woman in the dress hit her first. 

Police told WPIX the woman in the dress suffered only minor injuries to her face and refused medical treatment at the scene.

Note: The video contains graphic language and violence.

Sources: WNYW News, YouTube, WPIX News

Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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