Police Leaving Notices About Unlocked Doors On Private Property (Video)

Police in Riverview, Michigan, are leaving foot-long green tags for people who leave their doors unlocked.

Officers are placing the tags on the doors of cars, homes and businesses (video below).

"It will ultimately be a reminder, did I lock my car, did I pull my laptop in, did I pull the radar detector in," Lt. Joseph Jakubus told Click On Detroit (video below).

Some residents are welcoming the police attention on their private property.

"We are all scared. There are a lot of seniors on this street. Well, not too many anymore. And I think it is fantastic idea. this way they know, think twice before you do something stupid,” said resident Florence Coleman.

However, others are concerned about police coming on their private property and possibly violating their civil rights in the name of safety.

“Police or anybody can look inside of a car if it’s out in public," civil rights attorney Deborah Gordon told the Detroit Press. "There is no law against that. It can pose a problem if the police are intentionally walking up to a person’s private property and looking to see if a car door is unlocked or going up to someone’s door leaving a tag."

Some residents are worried the bright green notices will tip off burglars that a family is not at home.

However, Lt. Jakubus countered, “The signs are not left out in the open as people think they are. These signs are not inviting criminals. We place them inside the handle of the door, or we put it in an area where only the owner can see.”

It's not clear if "inside the handle of the door" means the police will actually be going inside the home.

“We are not going around checking into windows or jiggling handles on doors. We are not violating any rights,” added Lt. Jakubus.

Sources: Click On Detroit, Detroit Press
Image Credit: Click On Detroit Screenshot


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