Police Leave Drunk Man Funny Prank Message After Taking Him Home


Hertfordshire Constabulary police in the United Kingdom not only gave a drunk man a ride home recently, but they also left him with a humorous note signed “Cagney and Lacey,” characters from the 1980s series about two female New York detectives.

The note, written on official Hertfordshire Constabulary paper, is addressed to a man only known as David.

“We found you staggering in the road on your way home from Watford. You were so drunk we were worried you wouldn’t get home in one piece!” the note reads.

“So we gave you a lift home. Please don’t get that drunk again!” the officers, only known as Cagney and Lacey, wrote.

“My officers came across someone who was vulnerable and in danger, and took them home to ensure they were safe,” Dave Wheatley, chief inspector for Watford said, according to the Watford Observer.

“This note shows the human side to policing and it is evident the officers who wrote this were attempting to highlight the danger he had put himself in, but in a light-hearted way,” he added.

Others, however, have actually criticized the officers for stepping in.

“And if he then tripped over the front door and hanged his head the police would get the blame because if they had let him walk home he’d have been sober by the time he got there,” commentator Grupal Sindhar wrote on the UK Cop Humour Facebook page.

Since being posted on the Facebook page Monday, the note has attracted more than 40,000 “likes,” and has garnered global attention.

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Sources: Watford Observer, Daily Mail


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