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Police Kill Unarmed Man, 73, Suffering From Dementia (Video)

Police in Bakersfield, California, shot and killed a 73-year-old man suffering from dementia, whom they originally claimed was armed with a gun, on Dec. 12 (video below).

The Bakersfield Police Department (BPD) said on Dec. 12 that Francisco Serna was holding a gun, but then said on Dec. 13 that no gun had been found, and then stated on Dec. 14 that the senior was holding a dark-colored crucifix, notes KERO.

"Enough is enough," Francisco's daughter, Laura Serna, told the news station. "BPD murdered my father for no reason."

The BPD said that Francisco did not comply with police orders and that the cop who killed Francisco felt threatened.

"They need to be held accountable," Laura added. "Because this is just happening too often to too many people."

According to The Counted, a project of The Guardian, U.S. police have killed 1,025 Americans in 2016 as of Dec. 14.

The 911 dispatcher told police that Francisco was "reported as to having dementia," reports KERO, but Sergeant Gary Carruesco said that Bakersfield officers do not approach a situation differently even if they know someone may be suffering from a mental illness.

"My dad did not own a gun. He was a 73-year-old retired grandpa, just living life," Francisco's son, Rogelio Serna, told the Los Angeles Times. "He should have been surrounded by family at old age, not surrounded by bullets."

Rogelio said that his dad lived on the block and often went on walks late at night for exercise so that he could fall asleep.

When the cops arrived at the scene, a witness pointed at Francisco, who was standing in a driveway, and a cop opened fire on him several times.

Rogelio recalled that the police had been to his dad's home twice before because the senior had become confused and triggered a medical alarm.

Sources: KERO, Los Angeles TimesThe Counted/The Guardian / Photo credit: KERO via YouTube

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