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Police Kill Ohio Man In Walmart For Carrying Air Rifle He May Have Bought

Police shot and killed a man who was carrying an air rifle at an Ohio Walmart Tuesday night, though the man may have just been carrying an air rifle sold at the store.

John Crawford, 22, was killed by police after another customer at the Walmart called 911 and said that Crawford was trying to load the air rifle and point it at children, according to the Daily Caller.

The wife of the caller, however, has reported that Crawford was just examining the gun and was on the phone with his wife at the time.

Police reportedly told Crawford to put down the weapon and he didn’t.

LeeCee Johnson, Crawford’s wife, was on the phone with him when he was killed. She said that she has two children, and is currently pregnant with another one.

“We was just talking,” Johnson said. “He said he was at the video games playing videos and he went over there by the toy section where the toy guns were.”

Johnson said she could hear her husband crying and screaming on the phone.

Beavercreek police have said that the officers’ actions were not out of line, since Crawford did not immediately put down the weapon.

“BCI Investigators on the case report witnesses say the man was carrying a weapon Tuesday night inside a Beavercreek store,” according to a statement by Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine. “The weapon was an MK-177 (.177 caliber) BB/Pellet Rifle, manufactured by Crosman. It is known as a ‘variable pump air rifle.’”

Crawford’s family and friends say he did not own an air rifle. Walmart could not confirm whether the air rifle was one of the store’s.

The officers who shot Crawford are now on administrative leave as the investigation of the case is ongoing.

Source: The Daily Caller, Image Credit: New York Times , Wikipedia


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