Police Investigating Potential Hate Crime After Attack On 10-Year-Old Girl Goes Viral (Video)

A crazy video has just recently gone viral. It shows a 10-year-old girl being brutally beaten while riding a scooter in what police say might be a hate crime.

The video shows 10-year-old Danielle Fair riding on her scooter down a Cleveland, Ohio street when a random 13-year-old girl runs up and begins to viciously beat her. The attack appears to be a preplanned ambush, as the camera was rolling before Fair was even attacked.

“I feel like I was being bullied on,” said Fair.

Police say they are investigating the attack as a hate crime after witnesses allegedly heard the 13-year-old black girl call Fair, who is white, a racial slur.

“Cracker,” said neighbor Jessica Jaworski. “She called her a cracker.”

19 Action news reports that they went to the home of teenager that perpetrated the attack, but a woman who answered the door refused to make specific comments.

"Nobody was waiting,” said the unidentified woman. “I don't have to talk to you. It'll all come out in court.”

The incident is still under investigation as police have now classified it as a potential hate crime.

Sources: TheBlaze, 19 Action News, Cleveland.com


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