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'I Was Absolutely Disgusted': Woman Finds Hidden Camera In Shower Vent At Hotel (Photos)

Everything was fine for Harmony Hechey during her stay at a Travelodge while out of town for the weekend, but things took a turn for the worst when she went to take a shower.

The 23-year-old, who is from Edinburgh, said that she and her colleagues were in Oxford, England for a work event, according to The group booked a room at the local Travelodge for the weekend. 

Once Hechey got in the shower, she reportedly noticed something disturbing. There was a camera hidden in the shower vent. 

"I was absolutely disgusted," she said, according to "I got a fork and stuck it in the vent. You could see so clearly it was a camera."

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(Photo Credit: SWNS)

She called in her colleagues and they all confirmed that it was a camera that was pointed at the spot where a person would stand in the shower.

"I broke down at one point," she said. "I just felt so violated."

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After taking some pictures, she went down to the front desk to complain.

It is believed that someone installed the webcam by using a maintenance unit which backs onto the room, according to

Police responded to the scene, and during the investigation, they discovered that the camera wasn't switched on. They are still searching for the person responsible for planting the camera in the vent.

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(Photo Credit: SWNS)

The hotel moved Hechey to a new room and offered her a full refund.

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Photo Credit: Geoffrey Fairchild/Flickr CC, Andrzej 22/WikiCommons


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