Police Investigating Disturbing Viral Video Of Attack On Elderly Man


A teenager involved in an unprovoked attack on an elderly man turned himself in to New Jersey police.

The attack was caught on video and posted to Facebook, where it subsequently went viral on a number of social media sites, North Jersey reports.

The video, reportedly shot in Paterson, New Jersey, shows a teen approach an elderly man on the street and strike him in the head. 

He is urged on by someone in the background who says, “knock him out, knock him out,” while a female pleads for him to not attack the man.

Laughter can be heard following the attack as the man lays motionless in the street.

The violent act may be part of the so-called “knockout game,” where a person punches an unsuspecting victim to knock them out. The game requires the incident be shared on social media.

The 16-year-old who encouraged the aggressor to hit the man turned himself in to Paterson Police on Feb. 6, WABC reports. The video was reportedly shot in December 2015.

The teen faces charges of aggravated assault and endangering an injured victim.

Police are still searching for the 17-year-old attacker.

The condition of the victim is unknown.

Sources: North Jersey, WABC / Photo Source: Screenshot via WABC

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