Police Investigating Clip Of Teen Strangling And Throwing Cat (Video)


A disturbing viral video shows a teenager strangling a cat, and now, local police are investigating the clip.

The Cleveland Police Department says they are investigating a video that has caught their attention after being posted online. In the clip, a teen is seen strangling a cat for allegedly eating his dog food.

“You think it's a motherf**king game, huh?" says the teen in the clip that he posted on his now deleted Facebook page. "Keep on eating my dog food. You hear me? I'll choke the shit out of your dumb ass."

Cleveland Animal Protective League CEO Sharon Harvey says they’ve received “numerous calls from the community and also from around the country” since the video was posted, adding, “We had dozens of calls on our Human Investigation Hotline.”

The cat, which was recently named Claryssa, has reportedly been found since the video was posted, and the police department is currently investigating further.

“We are now checking our findings with CPD's Bureau of Detectives who are also looking into this and when we put everything together we will be figuring out what our next steps will be based on the evidence and where that takes us,” said Harvey. “If we can't put that evidence together than we can't move forward with cases so the outpouring we had today was important not only from the standpoint of knowing people care about these animals and the work we're doing but it does also help us with our cases.”

Claryssa is currently in the care of the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

Sources: Huffington Post, NewsNet5 Cleveland, LiveLeak


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