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Police Investigating After Toddler's Body Parts Found Floating In Lagoon

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Police launched an investigation after a toddler’s body parts were found in a park lagoon on the West Side of Chicago, Illinois.

The investigation began after a person called 911 to report a suspicious object in the Garfield Park lagoon. Officers arrived and discovered what they said was a toddler’s left foot. Four other body parts were later discovered, all badly decomposed, reports ABC 7.

Dozens of officers began a massive search for clues following the discovery, in the hopes they will be able to identify the victim.

“It is unthinkable that someone would dismember a child and throw them into the lagoon,” Alderman Jason Ervin said. “Usually someone would be asking, ‘Where’s my child?' We haven’t heard anything like that.” 

Ervin said the incident was particularly shocking in an area like Garfield Park, which he called “the jewel of the West Side.”

“This is not a reflection of the West Side of Chicago,” he said. “Or the values of the Garfield Park community or the people who live in this city.”

“I'm just still overwhelmed. Kids are supposed to come to a park to play, not be killed. So whoever did this, I hope they are found. My heart goes out to that toddler,” resident Novia Hoyt added.

According to reports, police found additional items of interest at the scene but have yet to release further details. They are also pursuing a missing person report in the area.

Sources: ABC 7, TheBlaze / Photo credit: Flickr


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