Police to Inspect Private Homes Without Notice for Renters (Video)


The Village of Westbury in Long Island, N.Y. is creating a special police unit to crack down on private property owners who are renting their homes to “illegal tenants.”

These tenants aren't undocumented, but are simply renting rooms or houses from the owners.

Apparently, some residents are jealous that some of their neighbors are making a profit off their homes.

The police “Housing Enforcement Unit” will make housing inspections without notice, noted News 12 (video below).

Acting as a de facto agent of law enforcement, News 12 actually told its viewers how to report their neighbors on its website.

The Village of Westbury's “aggressive zero tolerance” policy also includes raising fees and creating new rules for homes owned by absentee landlords.

Village of Westbury Mayor Peter Cavallaro claimed the community was being victimized by homeowners who rent their houses or rooms; a claim that went unchallenged by News 12.

“It's not targeted to any particular people, it's just targeted to a situation, which is landlords who are making money by victimizing people in the community and by victimizing the community as a whole,” said Mayor Peter Cavallaro.

PoliceStateUSA.com noted that Village of Westbury Justice Thomas Liotti claimed that homeowners who are exercising their freedom to rent their private property are supposedly hurting “property rights."

Sources: PoliceStateUSA.com and News 12


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