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Convicted Child Molester, Murderer Released From Prison In Indiana, Must Report To Authorities Within A Week

A 67-year-old man who served a 40-year prison term for the murder of two children in the 1960s has been set free from prison, prompting the police to warn the local Indiana community.

Richard Dobeski was set free in Laporte County after completing a sentence for a child molestation charge. That sentence had begun in 2008.

“The guy has offended. He’s going to offend again,” said Long Beach Police Chief Robert Sulkowski, according to WNDU.

Police said they believe Dobeski is homeless at present and living on the streets.

Dobeski was convicted of murdering two siblings, aged 3 and 6, when he was a 16 years old. WNDU notes that even before that, concerns had been raised about his psychological state and he was receiving treatment.

Dobeski was first released in 2003, after 40 years behind bars for the double murder conviction. He had originally been given consecutive life sentences, but these were reduced on appeal in the 1980s.

Four years later, a 7-year-old accused Dobeski of molesting him. Dobeski was convicted of this offense the following year.

Dobeski will have to register as a sex offender wherever he chooses to live. He must register within a week to avoid the police taking punitive action, WSBT reports.

“'I'm sure we'll pay attention to his particular whereabouts at all times,” Sulkowski added.

Bill Wallace, a local resident, was concerned by the news, saying, “I’m scared to death of him, for my grandchildren and the other children on the block.” 

The police agree.

“Yes, I think he's a danger to the public,” said Todd Bulls of Long Beach Police. “He's a sex offender and evidently he doesn't have any regard for human life."

"I just want to make the public aware that he’s out there," Sulkowski added. "Just keep an eye on him, keep your children away from him … I’m almost certain he will (offend again).”

Sources: WNDU, TheBlaze, WSBT

Photo credit: Long Beach Police via TheBlaze


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