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Police Immediately Arrest Man After Discovering What He Did To 20-Month-Old Girl

A Texas man is in police custody, charged with injuring a child after a 20-month-old girl in his care was found with serious injuries, authorities say.

The injuries were discovered July 9 when 27-year-old Bryant Keith Davis, of Austin, called 911 saying the toddler was having a seizure, KEYE reports.

Emergency responders arrived and transported the child to Austin's Dell Children’s Medical Center where she went into cardiac arrest. Emergency room personnel revived the girl, but she was found to have serious injuries. 

According to an Austin Police Department warrant, obtained by KXAN, the girl had multiple broken ribs, liver and spleen lacerations, facial bruising, a brain bleed and a possible collapsed lung. 

A social worker on duty at the hospital called police after the injuries were discovered, according to KEYE. 

Davis reportedly first told police that he didn’t know how the girl was injured, but did mention he heard the girl fall on July 7 while she was playing outside with a 3-year-old step-sibling. He said when he checked on the children, the older child was brushing dirt and grass off the 20-month-old and he noticed some blood on the younger child’s leg.

According to KXAN’s account of information in the arrest warrant, Davis said the girl’s condition got worse over the next two days and her breathing became labored. He told investigators he called 911 after two days, when the girl’s condition didn’t improve. 

But investigators believe the girl was likely injured July 9 after she used the bathroom on the living room floor.

According to information in the warrant, Austin investigators asked Davis to reenact the incidents leading up to the 911 call. 

During that reenactment Davis reportedly said the girl had had urinated and defecated in the living room. 

Davis then “forcefully took the victim to the restroom and told her to use the restroom while he cleaned up the waste from the living room,” the warrant reads. Davis reportedly demonstrated on a doll that he hit the girl in the ribs and spanked her. 

He said he later walked by the bathroom where he had left the girl and found her standing in the toilet. Investigators claim Davis demonstrated for them that he picked the girl up and slammed her down on the seat, which, they believe caused her to hit her head on the toilet lid. 

Later in the day, on July 9,  Davis said he and the girl’s grandmother administered a breathing treatment to the girl after she started having breathing problems, according to KEYE.

It was during that treatment that the seizure began, according to Davis. He said he pulled the breathing treatment mouthpiece from the girl’s clenched teeth and in doing so knocked out one of her front teeth. 

Davis has since been charged with felony injury to a child or disabled person with intent to cause serious bodily injury or serious mental deficiency, according to the Travis County Jail website. Court records indicate he was still in custody as of Jan. 19, held on $500,000 bail. 

It is unclear how the injured child is related to Davis. Her latest medical condition has not been reported. 

Child Protective Services is also investigating the incident and has also removed the 3-year-old child from the home. The agency said it has had no prior contact with Davis family.

Sources: KEYEKXANTravis County Jail / Photo credit: Police photo via KEYE News

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