Police Hunting For Man That Robbed 7-11 Using Coffee As A Weapon (Video)


A cunning crook at a 7-Eleven convenience store in St. Petersburg, FL is currently on the loose. Police recently released security camera footage from the crime, which occurred on October 12th at 5:19am, in an attempt to catch the man responsible. 

The footage shows a man approaching the check out counter with a cup of hot coffee. When the clerk approaches the other end of the counter, the man puts money on the counter and waits for the clerk to open the cash register. As soon as the cash register opens, the man throws his scalding hot cup of coffee on the clerk and reaches in for some cash. The man pulls out a knife, but the clerk quickly runs back out holding a handgun, which he apparently had concealed behind the counter.  

Police have yet to release how much money the man successfully pilfered from the cash register, but it appears as if they’re having difficulties locating him. 

Although his crime was no less dastardly than any ordinary robbery attempt, at least he was innovative. Anyone with information about the man is instructed to contact Florida Detective Wallace Pavelski at 727-893-4823. 


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