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Man Who Threatened Schools And Officials On The Loose (Photo)

Authorities are on the hunt for a Janesville, Wisconsin, man who stole guns, threatened schools, and sent President Donald Trump a 161-page manifesto.

Rock County Sheriff's Office says the "armed and dangerous" Joseph Jakubowski, 32, "made threats to steal weapons and to use them against public officials or at an unspecified school," Raw Story reports.

In the manifesto, Jakubowski expressed his anger at those in power, reports WMTV. Authorities say they refuse to call it "terroristic" as they are still determining his motives.

His threats prompted various schools to go into lockdown, reports WISN.

Jakubowski previously told friends of a plan to steal guns in order to use them against schools or government officials.

On April 4, Jakubowski stole handguns and rifles from The Armageddon Gun Shop. Authorities say he also lit his car on fire.

It is reported that approximately 150 law enforcement agents are now looking for Jakubowski, WMTV reports. Police advise anyone with relevant information to contact the sheriff's office at (608) 757 -7911.

"I can tell you that we don’t know where Mr. Jakubowski is," Janesville Police Chief David Moore said, adding that Jakubowski's anti-government rhetoric creates "a new element" for them. "He could be around Janesville. He could be around Rock County. He may not even be in Wisconsin."

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The FBI has reportedly also stepped in. They are encouraging people with relevant information to call 1-800-225-5324; they are also offering a $10,000 reward to those who provide details which lead to Jakubowski's arrest.

Jakubowski is described as 5-foot 10-inches tall with green eyes and brown hair. He is thought to be donning a bulletproof vest.

Those who know Jakubowski say he often kept to himself and made folks feel uncomfortable.

However, another neighbor describes Jakubowski as funny and easygoing, but added they had lost touch over the years.

"I had no idea that he would ever even -- you know, someone you know and got along with really well, and then they just snap," said neighbor Rasheen Suski. "It's really crazy."

Jakubowski has sparked controversy on social media, where some users are finding it hypocritical that authorities refuse to call him a terrorist.

"Lock that Muslim/refugee terrorist up!!!!!!" wrote one person on Raw Story's Facebook page. "Oh wait he's white…"

"Another white terrorist," added another. "When will the white community speak out against its rampant terrorism problem?"

"He's a lone wolf, a little disturbed, that's only because he's white," chimed in a third.

Sources: WISN, WMTVRaw Story, Raw Story/Facebook / Photo credit: PixabayWMTV via WITI

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