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Police On The Hunt For Boyfriend Of Woman Found Stabbed To Death In Her Trunk

Police say a woman was found dead inside of the trunk of a car parked in Queens, New York, on the night of Sept. 10. The woman had multiple stab wounds.

Officers received calls reporting a suspicious car that was parked in Flushing, Queens, around 10:36 p.m. Officers noticed a bad odor that was coming from the trunk, the New York Police Department said.

“The smell was quite unique,” a police source said.

When they opened the trunk, they found the body of a woman with wounds in her torso from being stabbed, police said. The woman, whose body was decomposing, was identified on Sept. 11 as 28-year-old Angie Escobar.

An NYPD tow truck that was equipped with a license plate reader found the vehicle that was listed in connection with a missing person report filed for Escobar on Sept. 8.

Emergency responders pronounced Escobar dead at the scene.

Escobar had last been seen with her boyfriend, 30-year-old Luis Zambrano, on Sept. 4. She leaves behind a toddler and a child who is in the second grade.

Police are now searching for Zambrano in connection with the murder. He lives near where the body was recovered and was last seen driving her car away from his parent’s home, the NYPD said. Officers described him as 5-foot-7, 200 pounds, and with a bald head.

The vehicle was a Nissan Maxima, reports NY Daily News.

Zambrano has a lengthy arrest record — 22 arrests since 2001. His crimes included both violent to non-violent crimes, an NYPD spokesman said. His most recent arrest was on March 16, for burglary, reported DNA Info.

“We were told that he was a very jealous man and he was very obsessed and very possessive,” said Amy Escobar, the victim’s sister. She says her sister was breaking up with Zambrano, CBS New York reports.

The victim’s ex-fiance, Michael Alvarez, is hoping the police catch Zambrano soon. He said, “He deserves to rot in prison cause he took away the mother of my two beautiful kids.”

Sources: DNA Info, CBS New York, NY Daily News / Photo credit: NYPD


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