Police Horses Stampede Through Busy Mexico City Avenue (Video)

Authorities in Mexico City reported Monday that roughly 30 horses meant to control protestors rushed down one of the city’s busiest avenues after escaping their handlers.

Protestors had gathered to oppose education reform requiring mandatory evaluations for teacher performance. Police intervened when protestors began throwing rocks and firebombs to disrupt the opening of the new legislative session.

When the horses first emerged from their trailers and onto the street, they were frightened by the sound of car engines and ran straight down Circuito Bicentenario in fear.

While only one person received minor injuries, police said many were terrified.

The horses had some cuts on their muzzles and legs, but remained in relatively good condition. Veterinarians are currently treating the animals.

At least eleven cars were damaged, including a taxicab with most of its trunk door indented.

The city government said it would pay to repair the vehicles.

A driver managed to film the escaped horses and uploaded the video to Youtube.

Congress is scheduled to vote on the reform measure soon, which it believes will improve the quality of education.

Protestors continue to call for the resignation of President Pena Nieto for his promotion of the reform.

Sources: BBC News, Associated Press


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