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Police Horrified At Conditions Children Forced To Live In

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Two Sarasota, Florida, parents were arrested after police found the disturbing conditions they forced their children to live in. 

Police discovered the siblings, the youngest of whom was an 11-month-old girl, surrounded by feces, crack pipes, broken glass and rotten food. Authorities charged the parents, Amanda Dean and Joseph Dromeshauser, with child neglect.

“The conditions in this home were the worst I’ve ever seen,” Detective Megan Buck said. “No child or adult should have to live in conditions like this.”

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Both animal and human feces was piled up throughout the house, as well as trash, rotten food and clothes everywhere. The sink was full of dishes with old food, as well as bottles filled with urine. Police also found a crack pipe in a bedroom.

Police discovered the disturbing scene after responding to a tip about the living conditions. The children included the baby girl as well as four boys, ages 2, 10, 12 and 17. 

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Dean was caught hiding in a closet an hour after officers arrived. She and the children’s father were charged with five counts of child neglect with great bodily harm, and Dromeshauser was also charged for the crack pipe possession. 

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In a similar incident in Tennessee, police arrested a woman and her husband on charges of child endangerment after their infant son was found strapped to a harness attached to a bed, covered in urine and feces, WMUR reports. The house was reportedly infested with flies.

Officers also found the couple’s daughter unclothed in a feces-filled crib. Both children were placed in the custody of their grandparents. 

Sources: Daily Mail, WMUR / Photo credit: Sarasota Police Department via Daily Mail 

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