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Police Hope Questionnaire Leads to Kyron Horman Clues

Police in Oregon area busy analyzing dozens of questionnaires distributed to anyone who had anything to do with the school at which Kyron Horman was last seen.

They were filled out by parents of students at Skyline Elementary School, staff members, and even delivery drivers. Police hope they will help trigger memories of something they may have seen on the day Kyron disappeared.

The 7-year-old boy was last seen at the school on June 4. His stepmother says she watched as he walked down the hallway to his classroom following a science fair.

The questionnaire contains several questions about the stepmother, Terri Horman, such as "Did your child see Kyron's step-mom, Terri on 6/4/10, at or near the school?" and "Did your child see a white Ford F250 pickup truck (Horman's vehicle) on 6/4/10 at or near the school?" The questionnaire also showed photos of Horman and the truck.

Capt. Jason Gates said that the family was in full support of the decision to circulate the questionnaire. He read a family statement that said:

"Any parent would understand the grief that this causes our family please know that we fully support the release of this flier and we want Kyron home and we hope that this will do that."

Also, KGW-TV has learned that police over the weekend asked Terri Horman to take a second lie detector test as part of the investigation. A close friend of Horman's told the station she is a wonderful mother who's known Kyron since he was three days old. She said the extra scrutiny has taken an emotional toll on her.


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