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Police Holding Saudi Man At Hospital After Boston Marathon Bombings

After police took a 20-year-old Saudi national into custody on Monday, federal and state law enforcement raided an apartment building on Ocean Avenue in nearby Revere later in the day.

Accounts differ, but CBS News is reporting that the search of the apartment was related to the man who is being held. The man, who is in the country on a student visa, is under guard at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He is being treated for shrapnel injuries.

Authorities have declined to comment about the search, but it has been reported that several bags were taken from the scene very early on Tuesday morning. According to the Revere Fire Department’s Facebook page, the search was for “a person of interest.” Revere fire officials said they were called to the scene to support bomb-squad officers, according to The New York Post.

Investigators have been examining the man’s clothes to see if they contained any evidence linking him to the attack. It has been reported that his clothes allegedly smelled of gunpowder. Law-enforcement sources have said that the man is not allowed to leave the medical center at this time. After he was grabbed by police, sources say that man said, “I thought there would be a second bomb.” He then asked, “Did anyone die?”

The man was tackled by a bystander when he was running away from the scene after the first bomb went off. The spectator said he went after the Saudi man because he thought that he was acting suspiciously.

Sources: The NY Post, CBS Local


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