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Police Have Killed One American Every Eight Hours In 2015

While politicians warn America every day of an impending attack by the extremist Islamic State group, police in the U.S. are killing one American every eight hours.

According to the online database Killed By Police, 136 people were killed by U.S. police from Jan. 1 to Feb.15. The database is citizen-run because there is no federal law requiring local police departments to report how many people they kill.

The Free Thought Project notes those numbers mean that one American is killed every eight hours by a police officer.

In contrast, Canada had only 14 citizens killed by police in 2014, and in the U.K. only one person was killed by police for 2013 and 2014. Germany fared even better with no police killings from 2013 to 2014. Even the much larger China had only 12 police killings in 2014.

The Officer Down Memorial Page, an online database that tracks police deaths in the U.S., listed no killings of cops by suspects in 2015; there have only been fatal accidents and health problems.

When it comes to Islamic State group, The Washington Post notes that the terrorist group has killed four Americans.

President Barack Obama recently asked Congress for authorization to wage a three-year war on Islamic State.

Sources: Killed By Police, The Free Thought Project, Wikipedia, Officer Down Memorial Page, The Washington Post / Image Credit: Andrei


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