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Missing 4-Year-Old Rebecca Lewis Found Safe (Photos)

A missing 4-year-old girl from Florida was found safe in Tennessee after disappearing from her trailer home on Oct. 8.

Rebecca Lewis was found in a car with a man called West Wild Hogs -- a long-time family friend -- before police pulled him over near a hospital, WFLA reports.

"We are able to confirm that Rebecca Lewis has been recovered in Memphis and is safe," said Tennessee Bureau of Investigations spokeswoman Susan Niland, The Tennessean reports. "West Wild Hogs is in custody."

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Authorities issued an Amber Alert for Rebecca Lewis after her parents, Luther Lewis and Melissa Schell, informed the police she was missing. The alert spanned five states: Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky.

“We just want our baby home, safe -- Matt, West, whatever you go by, if you’re watching or hearing us, please just drop her off somewhere in a safe location so our baby can please come home,” Schell pleaded. “She’s well loved; just please let this baby come home.”

“I love you and miss you baby girl,” she added. “Becky, we love you baby and we’re trying everything. We did this for you baby. Please, Matt, just bring her home. Take her somewhere safe.”

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Hogs reportedly suffers from depression and bipolar disorder. For years he was friends with Rebecca's family before one day pulling a gun on them.

Yet while the Amber Alert may have saved the day in this case, for one Indiana woman, it caused only a headache.

Non-custodial mother Morgan Negri, 27, was taking her child to a dental appointment when police issued the Amber Alert, RTV6 reports.

However, after it was revealed to be a custodial misunderstanding, police canceled the alert.

"I called before the cop even got it on his phone," Negri said when she found out about the alert.

Negri's ex-husband currently holds custody over their daughter, the court mandating "the minor child's physical and emotional development will be affected detrimentally if any Parenting Time is granted to Mother. Therefore, Parenting Time is DENIED. Emergency Order to be submitted on Custody, Parenting Time and support."

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