Man Explains He Was Not Involved In Massacre (Video)


A teenager was forced to explain that he wasn’t connected to the Ohio massacre, despite the fact that there was a "conflict" between him and one of the victims (video below).

Rusty Mongold was interviewed by police following the shootings that killed eight members of the Rhoden family in Pike County, Ohio.

Prior to the massacre, Mongold wrote a Facebook post about a road rage incident with the youngest victim of the shooting, 16-year-old Chris Rhoden Jr. According to WSYX/WTTE, the conflict between the two was originally over a financial dispute stemming from a traffic collision.

"God I cant stop thinking about the kid that hit me with his car[.] [E]very time I see a silver Tiburon I get pumped and ready to beat his skull but of course none of them are him[.] [I'm] not worried we will get them all of them," Mongold wrote on April 12.

Ten days later, Chris and seven other family members were brutally beaten and fatally shot.

In an interview with WSYX/WTTE, Mongold said he went to the sheriff’s office to clear his name because he knew authorities would want to speak with him.

"They asked me if I did anything, I told them I didn't, I let them take DNA and stuff," said Mongold.

Mongold said the conflict was about “dumb stuff,” and that the dispute was taken care of without the need for a fight.

"We made some threats, but it wasn't like we were going to kill them,” he explained. “We just wanted to fight them.”

Mongold said he was at work at the time of the shootings, and that investigators told him that he is no longer connected to the case.

As his family was receiving threats, Mongold went to social media to clear his name, according to the Daily Mail.

"Okay to everyone falsely accusing me of having anything to do with the shooting I did not[.] [I] just a few weeks ago met the [Rhoden] family and yes there was a conflict [where] we tried to fight each other but that lasted a couple days," he explained.

Larry Jones, a friend of Mongold’s, also felt the need to clear his name after expressing similar comments about the Rhoden family.

"Even though I had posted some stuff on here in the past doesn't mean I would ever even think about acting on it," Jones wrote. "What happened [to the Rhoden family] was a horrendous thing."

Sources: WSYX/WTTE, Daily Mail, TodayTrend99/YouTube / Photo credit: WSYX/WTTE

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