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Police Handcuff Legless Woman, Drop Her On Ground (Video)

Miami-Dade Police officers were caught on video (below) handcuffing a woman with no legs, and dropping her down on the ground at a gas station on Dec. 3.

Jay King, a bystander, filmed the police while they handcuffed Mary Brown for trespassing, notes WSVN.

"Stop hurting me," Brown pleads with the officers.

After they let her fall to the ground, Brown said, "You see what you did? Would you get me up off this ground?"

The officers did not help the double amputee up and one officer blamed Brown for slamming herself down.

As King filmed the scene, one of the police officers questioned him while Brown writhed on the ground.

"Just because I don’t have legs to move about like everyone else, I still was in my chair, and I deserved some respect," Brown told WSVN.

The 52-year-old disabled woman said her legs were amputated following a complication from diabetes.

"And I asked for help, help, help, over and over again," Brown recalled. "No one came."

King added: "It doesn’t have to go that far to where you can’t at least pick her up off the floor. No matter what she did, it wasn’t that bad."

The Miami-Dade Police Department said in a statement:

Command level personnel have viewed the video along with the officers' body worn camera footage and after reviewing the incident, have realized that as an agency we need to provide our law enforcement officers additional resources to aid them in facilitating the transport of disabled individuals, so that situations such as these are handled in a more amicable manner in the future.

Facebook commenters on King's page were furious over the officers dropping Brown and not helping her up, not "transport" issues:

"OMG ! This lady could be their mother or grandmother. How could anybody treat another human being this way ? Let alone a senior. F*** T**M !!!"

"They could have lease put her back in the chair, ,, she can't go anywhere, , so why LEAVE her on the ground."

"That lady is completely handicapped, not only does she not have any legs but her hands are completely stiff. If she was resisting, she was no threat to the officers."

Police said Brown, who is homeless, was begging people for money and harassing them, notes the Miami Herald. The police also accused the woman of being "uncooperative" during the arrest.

After dumping Brown on the ground, police had an ambulance transport her to jail. She was released on Dec. 4, reports WSVN.

Brown, who is considering suing the police department, told the news station, "I’m very sad. Because I was treated very wrong and very poorly."

The police officers were wearing body cameras, but no word on whether the video will be released.

Sources: WSVN, Miami HeraldJay King/Facebook / Photo credit: Jay King/Facebook via YouTube

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