Police: Florida Man Hit His Mother Over Cheeseburger


A 19-year-old man allegedly hit his 67-year-old mother during an argument over a cheeseburger in St. Petersburg, Florida, on June 12.

The police report said that Noah Sullivan-Lincoln argued with his mother in the kitchen of their family home, notes The Smoking Gun, and at one point "spat in the face of [his mom] as they were arguing ... over a cheeseburger."

The incident escalated when Sullivan-Lincoln allegedly "smacked the cheeseburger out of [his mom's] hand and in that process he struck her arm and hand," said the police report.

Sullivan-Lincoln reportedly confessed to the actions after officers read him his Miranda rights.

Sullivan-Lincoln was charged with a misdemeanor of domestic battery, was booked into a county jail and released on June 13 on his own recognizance. A judge ordered Sullivan-Lincoln not to have any contact with his mother.

In more bizarre crime news, a Syracuse.com reporter was handcuffed by a New York state court officer for photographing an arrest in a hallway inside the Onondaga County Courthouse on June 14.

According to Syracuse.com, the reporter, Douglass Dowty, had to surrender his cell phone to the court security officer.

Dowty was reportedly held, without any charges, in police custody for 10 minutes.

Lucian Chalfen, a spokesman for the state Office of Court Administration in New York City, said: "We're aware of it and it's being investigated. We told them we want everything by the end of the day. Whatever action is taken depends on what transpired."

Chalfen didn't have the name of the court security officer, but said: "They're supposed to be professional."

According to Syracuse.com, the public is not allowed to photograph in the courthouse hallways, but court administrators have allowed journalists to photograph and film in the hallways.

The news site notes that Dowty was covering court news when there was a fight outside of a courtroom where a man was on trial for murder.

Dowty said that court security officers surrounded an unidentified man who was agitated. The man, who was pushed up against a window, reportedly told the court security officers that he was not resisting.

Dowty recalled taking pictures of the court security officers surrounding the man and leading him away.

"As I was doing that, an officer came running at me," Dowty recalled. The court security officer told Dowty to surrender his phone, turn around and submit to being handcuffed.

Later, Dowty was released by two court security officers who didn't understand what happened.

According to Dowty, when he headed back to the courtroom that he'd been covering, the court security officer who detained him patted him on the shoulder and stated: "Thank you."

Local court officials have refused to comment until the Office of Court Administration completes its investigation.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, Syracuse.com / Photo credit: National Cancer Institute/Wikimedia Commons

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