Police Flash Emergency Lights, Block Traffic to Get Breakfast (Video)


Five police cars put on their emergency lights last week in Miami, Fla., but there was no emergency, only breakfast.

Police cruisers from three different law enforcement agencies were caught on a cell phone video (below) using their emergency lights and blocking traffic in an effort to get to a local bakery to eat, reports Local 10 News.

The officers were from the Miccosukee, Miami-Dade and the Miami police departments.

"It was poor judgment on their behalf," said Miami-Dade Police Maj. Nancy Perez. "They understand and their supervisors will be taking action."

"They weren't speeding," added Major Perez. "They weren't using sirens. They didn't pass in the emergency lane. They only had their overhead lights on, which should only be utilized for emergency purposes."

However, Major Perez did not mention that one officer also blocked oncoming traffic in a busy intersection, noted RawStory.com.

A Miami police spokesman said internal affairs was investigating the breakfast incident, while the Miccosukee Police Department refused to comment.

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Sources: RawStory.com, Local 10 News (Image Credit: Benchill)


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