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Police Fire Tear Gas at Ferguson Crowd Helping Unconscious Woman (Video)

Police shot tear gas and rubber bullets at a crowd that was trying to get help for an unconscious woman last night in Ferguson, Missouri.

Fusion journalist Tim Pool reported the bizarre scene that was captured on video (below).

Ferguson demonstrators carried the woman to a group of police dressed in riot gear and said: "She’s having a heart attack! She needs help!”

“Back up, we will get her,” replied an unidentified police officer who acknowledged the ill woman, noted

The protesters placed the woman on the ground, but seconds later the police fired rubber bullets and tear gas canisters at the crowd.

“That’s my momma, that’s my momma,” yelled one woman who was surrounded in a fog of tear gas.

According to USA Today, one Ferguson protester stood by himself with his hands up in front of a fleet of armored military vehicles manned by police last night (video below).

The incident has gone viral on the web, which has dubbed the protester "Tank Man" because his actions resemble the famous 1989 protest in Tiananmen Square, China.

Last night was not without violence from citizens as over 100 shots were fired, 25 businesses were burned, two police cars were lit on fire and 80 people were arrested, noted The Daily Dot.

Sources:, Fusion, USA Today, The Daily Dot


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