Three Dead Babies Found Inside Massachusetts Home

A woman has been arrested after police found the bodies of three dead infants in a dilapidated home in Blackstone, Massachusetts, on Thursday. Their discovery comes just two weeks after four children were rescued from the house, which authorities say was infested with vermin, flies and bugs, and had “piles of used diapers as much as a foot or two high,” reports Daily Mail.

Ericka Murray, 31, is being charged in connection with the deplorable conditions of the house, but not with murder. Police aren’t revealing the details of the babies’ deaths or their ages and genders, and it is still not known how and if they were related to each other or the children who were discovered living at the residence a few weeks ago. The authorities have also declined comment about the whereabouts of the children’s parents, but say they will provide an update on Friday.

Police originally visited the condemned home after a neighbor reported a 6-month-old baby was crying uncontrollably. In addition to the baby, who police say was covered in feces, they found a 3-year-old, 10-year-old and a 13-year-old living in the house. They are currently in the custody of the Department of Children and Families, reports the Boston Globe.

“DCF has never had an open case with this family and learned about this situation through a 51A report,” said DCF Spokeswoman Cayenne Isaksen.

Neighbors say they are shocked to hear about the deceased infants and unsuitable living conditions at the house and that they believed a woman and her boyfriend lived there with two children – a boy and a girl.

“It’s deplorable,” said neighbor Marilynn Soucy. “It’s horrible, and I hope somebody suffers for it. I can’t picture hurting a child.”

Dave Villandry, 38, says that he smelled a bad odor emanating from the house when he walked by it, but that he never imagined anything like this was going on inside. “That’s just absolutely horrifying,” he said. “This is brutal. Nothing like this happens around here. This is a quiet little town. Are you kidding me? Three dead babies?”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Boston Globe

Photo Credit: AP


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