Police Find ‘Sniper Nest’ Within Shooting Distance Of Chicago College


Chicago police are calling the cache of guns they found near Kennedy King College a “sniper’s nest,” but it contained much more than a snipper rifle. There was a fully loaded MAC-10 submachine gun.

Police reportedly uncovered “a high-powered semi-automatic rifle” a block from the college on Thursday.

The incident is still under investigation. Department spokesman Officer Mike Sullivan told TheBlaze that they “don’t have any suspects, really don’t have any other details as of now.”

“I’m not sure why they are calling it a sniper’s nest, it was a machine gun, not a rifle,” Sullivan said.

Authorities conducted a sweep near the community college campus after reports of gang violence in the area.

School officials notified students of the guns found, although it appears no one on campus was targeted.

“We are legally required to send out an alert to our students and staff when we become aware of an incident in proximity to the campus,” City College of Chicago said in a statement Monday.

“This incident did not take place on campus and all inquiries should go through [Chicago Police Department],” it added. “It is the assessment of the CCC Safety and Security Office that there was no threat to the campus.”

Sources: WGN-TV, TheBlaze


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