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Police Find Seven Severed Heads in Guadalajara

Seven severed human heads stuffed in plastic bags were found on the edge of a highway in Guadalajara, Mexico on Wednesday, indicating the country's drug war violence has escalated to new levels.

Police found the bodies of two 15-year-old boys a day prior in a forest in Guadalajara. The boys, Luis Ortiz and Andres Barba, allegedly bullied the son of a drug kingpin named Jose Angel Carrasco, or "The Zero Five."

Carrasco was arrested in January after a firefight with the army. He led the Sinaloa Cartel, which is at war with the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Geracion and Los Caballeros Templarios over smuggling routes and meth production sites.

Though the drug lord is jailed, murders related to the group are still occurring. The Mexican government has told the public that murder rates are dropping, but in Jalisco state, murders have increased 5 percent during the first five months of 2013. 

The crime even extends into the government, as Jalisco Tourism Minister Jose de Jesus Gallegos was murdered during an ambush in an upscale neighborhood. Gallegos was only nominated to the position a week earlier. 

There is no known motive for the murder of Gallegos, and police are still investigating the case of the severed heads. 

Sources: Daily News, Sky


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