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Police Find Massive Amount Of Bull Penises Being Transported Illegally

Police officers were shocked when they decided to search a truck and discovered a ton of bull penises being transported illegally.

According to reports, the bull parts were being transported from Belarus to Russia and were being hidden inside the truck. The bull penises were all being held in plastic bags that were dumped at the front of the truck, and police say that none of them were fit for people to eat them.

Arthur Povroskii, an officer who was called to the scene, claimed that in addition to the penises, there were also other bull parts in the mix.

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“There were also ears, cartilage and veins which in total together with the bull penises weighed just over six tonnes [sic],” Povroskii said, according to Mirror UK. “It was not being properly transported nor had any of the usual veterinary paperwork been provided. It looks as if it was heading for Moscow to be sold on to restaurants and butchers which would have then passed it onto the general public.”

Povroskii noted that all of the meat was being transported with fake documentation that claimed it was fit for consumption by humans even thought it actually wasn’t. Povroskii claims that the animal parts would most likely have been added to mince meat, sausage, and the like and would have been sold to customers without their knowledge.

Sources:Mirror UK, News Corners / Photo Source: Mirror UK


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