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Police Find Marijuana Hidden In Mary Jane Candy Wrappers

The TSA didn't seem to find the humor in discovering marijuana hidden in Mary Jane candy wrappers at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey on Friday. 

Though most people are aware Mary Jane is a slang term for marijuana, it’s also the name of a sweet peanut butter and molasses-flavored candy that’s more than a century old.

Gregory Murphy, 49, managed to get his stash through security by checking his bags. But while he was waiting for his plane, he was confronted by officers, Port Authority spokesman Joseph Pentangelo said.

Murphy, of Toms River, New Jersey, admitted to having marijuana in his possession and was arrested.

“The drugs were detected in a piece of checked baggage at Newark on Friday,” TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein told NY Daily News. “What made this one stand out was the way they were artfully concealed.”

In addition to finding marijuana, authorities also uncovered Zig-Zag rolling papers.

Murphy was charged with possession of marijuana under 50 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia. He has been ordered to appear in court on July 7.

Sources: NY Daily News, PIX 11 Image via PIX 11


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