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Police: Hit-And-Run Victim's Body In The Driver's Car

Jose Antonio Santiago, 33, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, is accused of hitting sisters Rosalie Carlo and Anna Lewis with his car on March 15.

Santiago was allegedly driving home from a bar with a friend when he hit the sisters. Lewis, 62, was hit so hard, her body was severed at the waist. Carlo, 51, of Brooklyn, New York, suffered a broken arm and several other injuries. She will recover, but will need physical therapy. 

When police found Santiago several hours after the crash, they say he insisted he didn’t hurt anyone. Police reports say he smelled like alcohol and had “body matter” on his pant leg — Lewis’ torso was found inside Santiago’s car.

According to Lehigh Valley Live, Santiago told police: “I had looked on WFMZ News and seen there was a hit-and-run accident. I didn't hit anyone. I would've stopped. I'm not a bad person.”

Santiago said he didn’t realize he was in an accident, and he refused to answer questions about the crash. "I was just bringing my friend home and it all happened so fast, but I didn't hit anyone. If I did, I would've stopped,” he told Pennsylvania State Police.

Carlo later told reporters how she felt about the incident. "I hope he rots in hell," she said. "It's not right. My sister was a good woman.”

Santiago has been charged with a felony count of accidents involving death or personal injury, a misdemeanor count of the same offense and a summary count of driving on roadways laned for traffic.

Source: Lehigh Valley Live

Image: Screen Capture via Lehigh Valley Live


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