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Dog Shot And Tied To Railroad Tracks (Video)

Police in Tampa, Florida were able to rescue a dog found shot twice and tied to railroad tracks.

According to reports, police responded to a call of shots fired on Wednesday evening. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered a 2-year-old female mixed breed that had been shot in the neck and shoulder and was tied to an active set of railroad tracks with a belt. Police say that if they hadn’t found her when they did, the dog would probably have been run over by a train.

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“This is an active train track,” Tampa Police Lt. Michael Stout told My Fox Tampa Bay. “The chances of a train on that track being able to stop in time are slim.”

Stout also said that the dog had lost a lot of blood by the time officers arrived and called the gunshot wounds “critical.”

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Officers rushed the dog, who they named Cabela, to get emergency treatment, and while she seems to be doing well, reports say that she’ll likely need a leg amputation due to a fractured femur. Before they operate on the dog, vets say that want to continue monitoring her to make sure she is physically prepared for surgery.

Police are actively searching for the dog’s owner and are asking anyone with information to contact them.

Sources: My Fox Tampa Bay, NBC News / Photo Source: My Fox Tampa Bay


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