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Police: Man Hides Crack Pipe In Shoe, Crack Cocaine In Ear

Keith Huff, 54, has a rap sheet dating back to 1980, but his most recent arrest on June 26 gave detectives an earful.

Huff was riding on a bicycle without his lights on in Fort Pierce, Florida, at around 9:40 p.m. when police asked him to stop, the Vero Beach Press Journal reported. The detective noticed that Huff had been standing on a bag of crack cocaine and Huff allegedly admitted it was his.

Detectives also recovered a pipe used for smoking crack in his shoe. After being taken to St. Lucie County jail, he was asked if he had anything illegal on his person and Huff initially said he didn’t.

Detectives, however, found crack cocaine in Huff’s ear.

Huff was charged with cocaine possession, drug equipment possession and/or use, and smuggle/introduce contraband into detention facility. His bond amount could be as high as $19,500, US Inquirer reported.

Sources: US Inquirer, Vero Beach Press Journal,

Image via Vero Beach Press Journal


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