Mother Arrested For Locking 6-Year-Old Daughter Out Of House


A Texas mother was arrested and charged with endangering a child after she allegedly locked her six-year-old daughter out of her home so that she could have sex with her boyfriend.

22-year-old Jolisa Renee Peterson was arrested back in May after witnesses called police to report that a young child was attempting to cross a busy Houston intersection by herself. When police caught up with her, the girl had walked more than a half a mile by herself to a gas station and told police that her mom made her go outside to play because she was “asleep with a boy.”

Police later arrived at Peterson’s apartment to question her, and initially, she claimed that she didn’t know her daughter had left the apartment, but upon further investigation, police discovered that the door was locked from the inside since the young girl obviously didn’t have a key. Additionally, court documents say that the apartment complex manager reported seeing the six-year-old girl and her two-year-old brother roaming around the complex on their own.

Peterson was promptly arrested, and now, after appearing before a judge, she’s officially been charged with child endangerment.

Sources: Daily Mail, KHOU, USA Today


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