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Police Find 50 Cats In Freezers At South Florida Man's Home

While investigating the residence of a South Florida man for child pornography on Wednesday, detectives said they found about 50 dead cats packed into four freezers and more than 30 cats running throughout the unkempt home.

Police arrested 55-year-old Douglas Westcott on three counts of possessing obscene material, according to NBC Connecticut.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s authorities reported that they entered Westcott’s home to arrest him for child pornography charges, but they were surprised to find all the animals trapped in the house.

Dozens of cats were all using litter boxes covered in feces and urine, officials said.

Many of the cats had trouble breathing or had problems with skin infections, but otherwise they were healthy, police added.

Authorities took the cats away from Westcott, but the animals could be returned if a judge grants Westcott custody within the next 30 days. Westcott reportedly did not give up custody of the cats voluntarily.

Source: NBC Connecticut


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