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Police Find 3.9 Tons of Marijuana Stuffed in Tanker Truck in Texas

When police pulled over a tanker truck in Texas for a routine traffic stop, they probably didn't expect to find 3.9 tons of marijuana packed into the tank.

Police often pull over commercial vehicles to do a cargo inspection, but this time they actually found something worth inspecting. 

Paul Anthony Simmons, 45, was driving the 1999 truck in San Patricio County, Texas. He was arrested for possession of marijuana and is held on $1 million bail.

It is not known where he was driving from or where he was going, but police know that he is from Robstown, a city outside of Corpus Christi.

The marijuana was wrapped in small bags of plastic. In total, the drugs weighed 7,816 pounds and filled up most of the tanker trailer.

Police said it was the biggest drug bust they can remember, but there was a bigger one that happened in January.

In that month, police discovered seven tons of marijuana on the border of the U.S. and Mexico in Arizona.

But this one is still in the books as one of the largest busts ever.

"It's a big, significant seizure," Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Sergeant Johnny Hernandez said.

Authorities are still investigating the matter. They said there are possibly more people to arrest in connection with the case.

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC News


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