Police Find 15-Year-Old Boy Weighing 47 Lbs In A Baton Rouge Home

A 15-year-old boy weighing 47 lbs was found by police Wednesday, suffering from a seizure in a roach infested home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The boy was transported to a hospital in critical condition due to malnourishment, according to WFSB. The child’s mother as well as and one other were arrested.

State child services workers had visited the home three times over the past few years to check in on the boy, but done little to help according to The Advocate

Yesterday, the boy the child was discovered when an officer responded to a noise complaint at the home Baton Rouge Police Department said. Reports say Rose Holland, 49, and Cathy Fort, 54, were sitting in a car parked in front of the house while loud music played from the home. The officer claims to have seen a glass pipe and pieces of suspected crack cocaine in the vehicle, and both Holland and Fort were placed under arrest for possession of schedule II drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

After finding the drugs in the vehicle, the officer went into Holland’s bedroom to check for additional narcotics and found the boy inside, covered in bodily fluids and insects.

“While walking into [Holland’s] bedroom, [I] observed the bedroom door to be completely open. [I] observed a small child lying on a cot used as a bed with roaches crawling all over him while having what appeared to be a seizure.”

The officer called for help from EMS and the teen was transported to the hospital to be treated. 

“[I] learned by EMS that the victim was stuck to the cot from his feces and urine that he was lying in for days at a time,” the officer explained. 

Both Fort and Holland were booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and the child’s mother was issued an additional charge of second-degree cruelty to a juvenile WFSB reported.  

Edna Mitchell, who was present during one of the visits from the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services said agents didn’t intervene further in the situation because the boy’s family had access to food and running water. Mitchell said there was no reason why the boy couldn’t be properly taken care of and that Holland had “more than enough money.” 

“She wasn’t doing nothing for the baby,” Mitchell said.

Source: WFSB, The Advocate

Photo credit: The Advocate


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