Police Find 11 Hidden Cameras In 25-Year-Old Woman's Apartment


Missouri police are launching an investigation after discovering 11 hidden cameras, including four in the bathroom, in a 25-year-old woman’s apartment.

A woman living above Freaks on Troost tattoo parlor in Kansas City, where she also works, discovered something strange about her smoke detectors.

A coworker visiting the woman made a comment about the fact that one of the smoke detectors looked a lot like one of the spy cameras disguised to look like a smoke detector that he had seen in the basement of the tattoo parlor.

Turns it was one those cameras.

When police responded to her home Saturday they found 10 more hidden cameras in the apartment, recording virtually every move the woman made. Police found a smoke detector in the living room, kitchen, hallway and bedroom were all cameras.

Police followed a bundle of wires from the woman’s closet into a gray pipe that went down into Freaks Tattoo. In the basement, behind some shelves, investigators found a computer monitor with seven video screens. Four were black – belonging to the cameras police already found. The other screens led police to three cameras hidden behind pinholes in the woman’s bedroom.

There were also two cameras hidden in the bathroom vanity, focused on the toilet. Two more were concealed in the wall, trained on the shower.

Eleven cameras in all were taken from the home.

The victim told police she moved into the apartment last summer. She claims her 47-year-old landlord propositioned several times to go out, but she turned him down. In October, while she was out of town, the landlord was remodeling her bathroom.

The victim’s roommate’s bedroom had a normal smoke detector, no cameras.

The victim is no longer staying in the apartment. It is unclear whether she continues to work at Freaks.

“I’m sure it’s a lot more frequent than we know,” Kansas City Police Sgt. Lionel Colon of the sex crimes squad said of hidden cameras.

Sources: Kansas City Star, Daily Mail


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