Dad Faces Life in Prison After Killing Daughter And Cutting Body into Pieces

WENZHOU CITY, China—Police report that a father in China cut his 12-year-old daughter into pieces and dumped the pieces in a public bathroom across the street.

According to Daily Mirror, the father, Zhang Li, said he strangled his daughter because she was doing poorly at school.

Police said that he reported her missing under pressure from his wife.

Three days later, a maintenance worker reported to police that he had found a severed hand in a public toilet.

“Neighbors we spoke to said he hadn’t bothered to look for her and seemed quite happy she was gone,” a police spokesman said.

“We were suspicious because he seemed more angry than upset,” the spokesman added.

The spokesman added that after being questioned, Li, 46, confessed to killing Sutain “and blamed it on her for failing to be a good daughter and letting the family down.”

The father now faces life in prison.

Sources: NY Daily News, Mirror

Photo Sources: NY Daily News, Mirror


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