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Police Fatally Shoot Mentally Ill Woman Carrying Knife (Video)

The City of Sandpoint, Idaho, has released a video of a mentally ill woman being shot and killed by police officers back in July. reported that Jeanetta Riley was brought to a hospital on July 8 by her husband Shane because of her "erratic" and "aggressive" behavior. Court papers stated that Riley had mental health and substance abuse problems.

A dashcam (video below) and a body camera (video below) belonging to Officer Skylar Ziegler documented the shooting.

On the dashcam video, Riley gets out of a white vehicle outside the hospital as Officer Ziegler arrives. Riley's husband Shane quickly walks across the street.

According to the Bonner County Daily Bee, Officer Ziegler was carrying a Taser in his left hand and a handgun in his right.

Officers Ziegler, Michael Valenzuela and Garrett Johnson ordered Riley to show them her hands and "drop the knife!"

“F- you!” Riley responded. “Bring it on!”

After the officers shot Riley, Officer Ziegler placed her in handcuffs and ran back to his patrol car to get a medical kit. An EMS crew from the hospital arrived on the scene minutes later and took Riley to the ER, but she died.

Kootenai County Prosecutor Barry McHugh ruled that the shooting was justifiable homicide because Riley was allegedly advancing on the police officers while holding a knife, noted the Bonner County Daily Bee.

However, before the shooting, Riley is out of frame and it's difficult to see what she is actually doing.


Sources:, Bonner County Daily Bee


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