Police Dump Ashes Of Woman's Father, Claim They Were Narcotics


Bucyrus, Ohio resident Sarah Lewis lost her father last month to a murder spree that killed four men in three days. Lewis has carried some of her father’s ashes in a small cylinder on a necklace since his death, but lost a portion of those ashes recently after police suspected she was holding drugs in the container.

Lewis spoke with police after they came to her house with a warrant for her arrest. Police asked her in the moments before her arrest if she had anything on her, and Lewis told them about the necklace. When an officer inspected the necklace, he said the contents of the cylinder looked suspicious.

"I agreed to let him open it, and he was like 'This don't look like ashes so we are going to the station,'" Lewis told 10-TV.

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Officers analyzed a sample of the ashes and told Lewis the ashes tested positive for narcotics. They returned the necklace to her, but the ashes had been emptied. Lewis was never charged with narcotics possession, which leads her to believe the sample didn’t actually test positive for drugs.

"If they came back as narcotics, they shouldn't have given me back my necklace, and I should have been in jail,” Lewis said.

Lewis wants the involved officers to be held accountable for dumping the ashes.

"I want him to pay for what he did. I wouldn't lie about my dad,” said Lewis. “I would never lie about ashes being in there. I would never dump them."

The Bucyrus Police Department declined to speak on the matter since it’s an ongoing case. 

Sources: 10-TV, Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum


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