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Police Dogs Eligible For Pensions After Retirement From Force

Dogs that serve a police department in the United Kingdom will receive pensions to help with veterinary bills after they retire from the force.

The Nottinghamshire Police Department recently announced that each of their 26 police dogs will be eligible for around $2,400 after they retire from the force, according to MSN.

The police force is apparently the first in the United Kingdom to announce such a plan to recognize the efforts of highly trained dogs that are used to help capture criminals.

The Telegraph reports that the plan was announced by the police and crime commissioner for Nottinghamshire.

"We look after the people who work for us who have been police officers and staff, they get a decent retirement and I think it's important the same is done for the dogs,” Paddy Tipping said. "These animals work hard for the police and they are officers in their own right."

Nine of the dogs that work for the force are expected to retire in the next three years. Under the plan, set to launch in December, each dog will get up to around $800 paid in medical costs a year for the first three years after they leave the force.

One officer expressed his approval of the plan.

"I'm really pleased and I think it's only right. As an organization that works with animals we need to set an example,” Matt Rogers stated.

Sources: MSN, The Telegraph


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