Police Dog Saves Deputy's Life From 3 Attackers

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Law enforcement officials in Mississippi are on the lookout for three men who ambushed a Hancock County Sheriff’s deputy. Luckily for the deputy, his K-9 partner was on the scene and fought back against the attackers.

Todd Frazier, the deputy in question, was ambushed and attacked with a box cutter on Monday. His K-9 partner, a black Belgian Malinois named Lucas, was on the scene to save his life.

Frazier had reportedly approached a blue Lincoln Town car parked at a rest stop at 10 p.m. Monday.

“When he got out, two other people came out of the woods right next by the vehicle, and he backed up and fell, and it was on then,” Sheriff Ricky Adam told The Clarion Ledger.

“They told him they were going to slit his throat,” Chief Deputy Don Bass added, “and they were dragging him toward the woods.”

Bass said he believed they intended to kill Frazier and dump his body.

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“The three of them were dragging him toward the wooded area,” Bass said, “and he was able to break one hand free to activate the button that opens the door and it released Lucas.”

The dog came to his partner’s aid, biting at least one of the suspects and presumably saving the deputy’s life.

“We don’t know how many he got,” Adam said, “we just know he had blood all over him.”

Eventually the suspects fled in their Lincoln Town Car.

The mechanism that allowed the door to be opened remotely was just recently installed, according to Bass.

He noted that the incident was a “very near miss” for Frazier.

Frazier was taken to Hancock Medical Center where he was treated for a 2-and-a-half inch cut on his forehead as well as several bodily injuries.

A doctor noted that the cut looked like a box cutter made it.

Frazier was released on Tuesday morning.

Lucas was unharmed.

Source: FOX, ClarionLedger

Photo Credit: ClarionLedger, FOX, Facebook


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