Police Dog Mauls Innocent Man While Deputy Watches (Video)


A Harris County Sheriff's police dog viciously attacked an innocent man, Tim Young, on May 5 in Tomball, Texas (video below).

According to KTRK, Tim was repairing an air conditioner under a mobile home when the K-9 unit attacked him.

Deputies were in the area looking for a car thief when the canine bloodied Tim.

Tim was left with serious wounds that required him being treated at an intensive care. Still recovering, he faces large medical bills.

The Young family attorney, Stace Williams, told the news station: "We'd like to see the Harris County Sheriff's Office say, 'We messed this one up and we do apologize to the family. We were wrong.'"

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez issued a statement: "I apologize. It's always traumatic for anyone to be bit, especially if it's not the target that we were searching for."

Gonzalez defended the deputy in charge of the police dog, and insisted that another deputy heard the first deputy give a warning.

Tim, his dad, Allen, and a witness, Don Lorenz, did not hear any warnings.

"Nobody told us who they were when they were coming," Lorenz recalled. "We did not hear one word of warning."

"I didn't hear nothing," Tim told KTRK. "Didn't see nothing. It was a real sharp pain, and I looked down and there is a dog."

Tim was in a dark crawl space when he saw the dog, grabbed its mouth and held it shut. A deputy demanded that he let the police dog go.

"As soon as I let go, needless to say, the dog bit me," Tim stated.

"It was the most horrible thing I've ever seen," Allen recalled.

Allen tried to use his belt as a tourniquet to stop his son's bleeding.

"I asked [the deputy] for help, and I don't know if he's having a bad day, he just said, 'Do it yourself,'" Allen stated.

A deputy is seen in the video telling Allen to "tie it," but does not lend any assistance. More than a minute goes by, and the deputy has a towel on Tim's wound.

"It's an unfortunate incident," Gonzalez stated. "It's difficult for anyone to be bit. I am sorry for that."

Gonzalez added: "I would have to, at this point, believe that the deputy did what they felt in their training was appropriate."

Attorney Williams added: "No one ever asked, 'Are people working, are there children underneath there?' Had it not been a 25-year-old weight-lifting, strong, healthy guy, it would've been a much different outcome."

"A police attack dog is a deadly weapon," Williams added. "If you're going to use a deadly weapon, you have to make sure you got the right guy."

Williams is also upset by the apparent lack of immediate help from the deputy: "His father asked for help in applying a tourniquet, and he was refused."

According to Gonzales, both the dog and the deputy are on duty even though there is an ongoing investigation into the incident.

Sources: KTRK, KTRK via YouTube / Photo credit: Michael Pereckas/Flickr

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