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Police Dog Attacks Motorist, Emily Newman, During Traffic Stop

A traffic stop by a Cherokee Nation Marshal Service unit is now under investigation because of an attack on the female motorist by a K-9.

The incident occurred near Kenwood, Oklahoma, on January 23. It started when a Cherokee Nation marshal pulled over a 30-year-old woman, Emily Newman, for speeding around 8:00 p.m.

The reaction of his K-9 caused the marshal to ask the woman if he could send his police dog around her car. The marshal’s K-9 “detected a positive hit for narcotics on the vehicle," Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin, Jr., told FOX23.

A family member told reporters that the police dog lunged into the car and bit Newman. The bite was on her left cheek.

The officer quickly took Newman to a nearby fire station.

However, according to family members, another officer then took her back to the scene to get the piece of her face that was left on the road.

Newman was taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa where doctors stitched the piece back onto her cheek.

“The No. 1 goal of the Marshal Service is to protect our citizens and ensure their safety, and we are dedicated to that mission,” said Shannon Buhl, director of the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service, told NewsOn6. “We want our citizens to know that this incident is being fully investigated and the appropriate course of action will be taken.”

Hoskins wouldn't comment on the investigation into the dog attack, but he did say he expected Newman to face some kind of charge related to narcotics, according to FOX23.

The K-9 involved in the attack was removed from service. The report by the Attorney General is expected to be issued within a week.

Sources: News on 6, Fox 23


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