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Police: Teen Flips Over Car After Facetiming, Snapchatting and Texting While Driving

A Washington teenager suffered minor injuries Feb. 5 after she flipped over her car. She was reportedly Facetiming, Snapchatting, and texting while driving at the time of the crash.

Police said the 17-year-old girl was driving at a high rate of speed as another car tried to turn into a driveway, KIRO reports.

The other driver attempted to veer right to get out of the way, but the teen clipped the car's rear and sent it into to a ditch. Meanwhile, the girl’s car rolled over.

The girl was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Officials said the other driver was not hurt.

The teenager is now facing criminal charges for reckless driving.

The girl is just one of many young people increasingly getting into car accidents as a result of distracted driving.

According to, the official U.S. government website for distracted driving, “traffic crashes are the leading cause of death” among American teenagers.

“And when it comes to distracted driving, young people are among the most likely to text and talk behind the wheel,” the website states.

The website also noted that injuries due to distracted driving have increased in recent years.

In 2013, 3,154 people reportedly died in motor vehicle crashes involved distracted drivers.

However, teenage inventor T.J. Evarts hopes to change that with SMARTwheel, which monitors where a driver’s hands are on the wheel to gauge attention, PBS reports.

If it looks like a young driver is not focused, blinking red lights appear with a ringing noise to alert him or her, while the data is sent to the parents.

“The concept has been around a little bit but it’s really been limited to small sensors," Evarts told PBS. "We had to make our own."

Sources: KIRODistraction.govPBS / Photo Credit: KIRO

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