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Police Discover Pot In Container Labeled 'Not Weed'

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One Nebraska pot smoker may just win an award for the least conspicuous criminal ever. 

After being pulled over for a simple traffic violation on Saturday, Jordan Meier, 21, was discovered with a container in his car labeled "Not weed." However, when the police followed a hunch and opened it up, they discovered that there was in fact marijuana in the container. 

After being pulled over around 9:00 PM in Lincoln, Nebraska, police discovered the plastic sour cream container with the mislabeled writing.

Meier fessed up and admitted to owning the container as well as the pot that was inside of it. 

He was then arrested for marijuana possession as well as suspicion of drunken driving, according to the UK Daily Mail.

According to the Lancaster County Police, "A deputy sheriff stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation in Lincoln. The deputy arrested the driver for DUI, an inventory search of the vehicle yielded a 16 oz Sour Cream container labeled with permanent marker 'Not Weed.' The container contained 11.5 grams of suspected marijuana. The driver was cited for DUI and Possession of Marijuana, less than an ounce."

The state of Nebraska has somewhat decriminalized possession of marijuana, however. This means that first time offenders will not receive a criminal record and will be able to avoid prison time as if it is a minor traffic violation.

Possession of more than an ounce carries a heavier sentence with a maximum fine of $300. 

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Source: The UK Daily Mail 

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, WikiCommons


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